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Welcome to Deerwood.  Our website serves as an informative resource for our residents and our local community.  Please feel free to contact us with comments and suggestions or for additional information.
Neighborhood News
2019/2020/2021 Board Members
The members of our 2019/2020 Board of Directors are:
William (Bill) Fine - Chairman
Bob Smelser - Vice-Chairperson
Pamela McCrory - Treasurer
Jacob Medlen - Secretary
Jim Koepke - Member at Large 
2019/2020/2021 ACC Members
Toby Winiger
Joe Gutzwiller
Peter Broscoe

Upcoming Events

Snow... And lots of it! 


But don't worry neighbors! It's Indiana so the weather will be drastically different soon...


General Reminders
Please remember we are a neighborhood and we all want to be treated fairly, and kindly. If a neighbor is in violation of covenants, please try to act graciously towards them as they may be unaware, or have forgotten, Deerwood restrictions.  If you feel it necessary, please contact our Architectural Control Committee ("ACC") by email for assistance. Please remember to select ACC at the "Send To:" line.
Please remember to keep your pets on a leash and/or on your property. If you see a loose pet and you know whom it belongs to, please help the pet back home or notify its owner. If there is an animal acting aggressively towards you, a family member or guest, please contact Johnson County Animal Control (317.736.3924).

Stay Informed
Many of us have fury family members who love to take us for walks... Others enjoy walking on their own or with friends in the neighborhood enjoying our park-like setting while getting their steps in!
Please remember, if you are able, to clear your sidewalks. This will help keep our neighbors walks safer and warmer when we're dealing with poor weather. 
If you are unable to clear your drive and sidewalk due to physical limitation, please contact neighbor Steve Litz. He is retired and able to help, free of charge. You can contact him at 317.557.2411. He assures us he is happy to help, if needed!