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Deerwood Newsletter
January 2023, Happy New Year
Greetings to our Deerwood friends!
Happy New Yearl! It is the desire of the ACC and HOA to send Bi-monthly communications to the
residents to let you know what the Board and ACC are working on.
Our goal is to be informative and specific. If you have further questions about the information below,
feel free to contact any member for more information. Please contact us through the Deerwood site
Welcome to 2023! We are so thankful to our Deerwood residents that continue to improve and keep
their properties maintained! Your continued attention to detail maintains and/or raises our property
values, and makes Deerwood a highly sought after community in Center Grove. Please review all
Deerwood documents as you consider your spring projects. Remember - all exterior changes including
play equipment will need to be approved as it relates to location and type.
ACC guidelines specify that trash Cans are to be stored inside the garage.
HOA / ACC Activities Since Our Last Communication:
 Preparations are underway for the Deerwood annual meeting on March 13 th, at 6:30pm, Saint
Francis and Clair Catholic Church on Olive Branch Road.
 Annual dues payment information and Annual Meeting Proxy information are being prepared to
be sent to the community.
 An Architectural Control application has been added to the Web Site. This form is to be used
per the requirements of the Deerwood governing documents. This application is to be used by
residents to request a change to the exterior of a home. The form is to be approved by the ACC
prior to work starting.
 We hope you enjoyed the new Christmas decorations! They have been stored away for safe
keeping for your continued enjoyment in future years.
 We attempted a trash service comparison for the community. The purpose of the comparison
was to see if more residents used the same company, could we have fewer days of pickups, and
thus an improved look throughout the community. What we discovered was that the rate
structure varied based on age (some had senior rates), number of cans, size of cans, and
recycling. We discovered that there is a range in prices for similar services. The difference may
be minor to significant. Again this is dependent on the service desired. Additionally, with the
selling of Ray’s Trash Service to Waste Management, and rental trucks from other cities being
sent to the Indianapolis area until Waste Management is fully in place, potential change is upon
us. For now, we have dropped our comparison study. If we feel as a community, it is beneficial
to us, it may be renewed in the future.
The following is a list of possible improvements:
 We are continuing to explore options for lawn care for 2023. More news to follow.
 We will seek bids for new pool and tennis court lights. The intent would be to change to LED
lights. This would save energy and prevent expensive light bulb change outs. This is a review
item only at this point.
 We are interested in improving the look of the north and south entry. Some landscaping has
died or is dying or overgrown the power lines.
Thank you, your ACC and HOA!